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Welcome to the LINEN Press

This piece was produced as a studio ‘sampler of techniques’, it came in as an orange pine reproduction of an old Linen Press. It was solid and functional, calling out to be treated to a range of techniques to demonstrate some of the paint effects and treatments available for our customers.

So many times we creative people use phrases about techniques that we work with everyday – this should help clarify.

Chalk Paint

The outer case of the cabinetChalk Paint–this is French Linen grey with plenty of brush strokes in different directions to give that lovely texture that chalk paint is known for – we love this effect at HOC!

French country stencil

Over this a French country stencil was added to give that ‘Provence’ style. Wax was coated afterwards.


The 2 main cupboard doors outer- 3 shades of blue chalk paint were painted on the doors which gives more depth of colour and interest. There’s a little distressing on the right-hand door to distinguish it from the other.


The 2 main cupboard doors inner

The interior of the right door shows a range of decoupage images with tropical leaves and parrots. This was made from tearing paper and assembling it in pleasing patterns with the parrot always upright and looking at you! Decoupage is when you cut out layers of paper and assemble with layers of decoupage glue and varnish. The surround is a lovely warm red to compliment this.


The interior of the left door shows some stencilled daisies with petals in different shades.

Stencilled Patterns

The interior shelves show further stencilled horizontal line patterns – the type used to highlight or embellish straight lines.


The back of the interior features images of little drawers, a wallpaper which was decoupage glued and sealed to create some interest and depth,


The top draw shows the large stencilled key

Freehand folk art

the second shows decoupaged napkins layered with decoupage glue sanded back to give an aged and weathered appearance freehand of folk

the bottom drawer is a freehand of folk art and splattered and dotted paint on multi-colour background